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Welcome to BuyUranus.com

Lets be honest there's a lot of Uranus to go around and since we at buyuranus.com believe everyone should own and even share Uranus we have since the late 90's been offering forward thinking individuals like yourself free and clear, legal title to a full square mile of that gassy object.

If you don't want a piece of Uranus for yourself we're sure someone you love would certainly enjoy it. Our gift packs include a personalised Title Deed, a copy of the Uranus Constitution, a brochure on 'Everything you need to know about Uranus', a sticker and even a membership card to R.E.C.T.U.M. (The Real Estate Commission and Trust of Uranus Management).

You can even pick your spot, from the rings around Uranus to the gases deep down inside Uranus, you can own it all right here for just $19.95 with Free Shipping or select the electronic delivery option and have it in your hands in hours.

Here are some quotes from some of our very satisfied customers...

Dave from the UK says:

I can't wait to inspect Uranus!

TK from Florida says:

I've got a huge spot on Uranus.